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A Level Results - 17th August 2017

Many congratulations to all Year 13 students at Lady Margaret School on their excellent A Level results this summer!  In a year when many were sitting 'new' A Level examinations we are particularly proud of their achievements of our students.

Overall 89% of grades were A*-C, 69% of grades attained were A*-B, 36% of grades were A*-A, and 100% of grades were A*-E. Thirteen girls attained three A/A* grades at A Level, which is a fantastic achievement.  This Autumn our girls will be starting courses in many different subjects, at universities right across the country, including Biochemistry at King's London, French and History at Edinburgh, Physics at Leeds, Economics at LSE and English at UCL.  Eight girls will be starting Art Foundation courses.

Once again our Art A Level results are outstanding with 8 or a group of 15 girls attaining an A* grade in Fine Art.  There were 6 A* grades in History and 5 in English, and in Physics, Chemistry and Economics no candidate attained below a C grade.

Congratulations to all our Year 13 students who worked incredibly hard last year, many overcoming significant challenges outside their academic studies; these results are a testament to their commitment to their studies, and to the dedication of our staff in preparing the girls for the public examinations.  We wish everyone well as they begin a new stage of their education!

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GCSE Results - 24th August 2017

Following last week's A Level success at Lady Margaret School, Year 11 students have achieved an absolutely fantastic set of GCSE results.




Both English and Maths

Grade 4 or above




Grade 5 or Above





61% of our girls attained the English Baccelaureate. These are girls who attained 5 GCSEs with a minimum of Grade 4 in English and Maths, and a minimum of a C grade in three other 'E Bacc' subjects, which are Combined Science, History, Geography, French and Spanish. 

89% of our girls attained GCSE English and Mathematics at grades 9-4 plus 3 or more other grades A*-C. 34 girls attained 8 or more GCSEs at grade A and A*, or grade 7, 8 or 9 at English or Maths which is a huge achievement. These are stunning results and we are so proud of all girls in Year 11! Congratulations to everyonein Year 11, and, as for our A Level reuslts, thank you to parents for their support and encouragement and to staff for their hard work and commitment to the girls. 

Nationally only 2,000 students attained three grade 9s in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics and three of the are LMS girls! 

To see a full break down of GCSE results please click here.



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A congratulatory letter from Nick Gibb MP, the Minister of State for Schools, dated 18 February 2016 confirms the school is 'one of the top 100 non-selective state funded schools in England’ for students achieving the English Baccalaureate in 2015. You can read his letter here.


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