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Giving to charity and helping others is an important part of the school ethos. Each year, in the Autumn Term, the school adopts a charity. Pupils lead a number of assemblies on charities they think the school should support. Pupils then vote and the chosen charity is supported for the next twelve months. Pupils raise money by having cake sales and sponsored events as well as through formal collections at church services and retiring collections at school events.

The charity for 2016/17 charity was nominated by a group of Year 10 girls who particularly wanted to do something to support girls of their own age facing challenging issues. The overall aim of the Freedom Charity is to raise awareness and prevent child abuse, keeping children safe. They work to to bring awareness, help and support with regards to forced marriage, dishonour based violence and female genital mutilation (FGM).

The charity aims to empower young people to feel they have the tools and confidence to support each other and have practical ways in which they can help their best friend around the issues of family relationships which can lead to early and forced marriage and dishonour based violence.They achieve this by placing informative material in schools, running schools programmes and by using social media such as a web site, Facebook, Twitter and apps.

The Lady Margaret School Charity for was 2015/16 is Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl campaign.  This campaign works with girls, with their communities, and with their governments, to implement programmes that help to ensure girls can access a quality, safe education and to reduce the incidence of child marriage and female genital mutilation.

For many girls, adolescence brings an increased threat of abuse or violence and a denial of rights and choices, meaning they are often invisible in global and national processes that seek to end poverty. Protecting the rights of adolescent girls, keeping them safe from harm, giving them access to a quality education and delaying marriage or childbirth means they can break the cycle of poverty to look forward to a brighter future.

The girls of Lady Margaret School chose this charity as a way of supporting girls of their own age in other parts of the world who do not enjoy the freedom and opportunities that are we often taken for granted.

In the year 2014-15 our joint school charities were Mind and Young Minds. Every pupil had a vote and these two were chosen after presentations by the girls in assembly.

Mind  provide advice and support to people experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. They provide advice, support and training to parents and professionals.

In the year 2013-14 the winning charity was Water Aid, the nomination of two Year 8 pupils. Is is an international non-governmental organisation whose mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

Money was raised from collections at church services, various fund raising activities and by pupils and teachers takinf part in the BUPA 10k run. We raised over £2,900. This figure does not include donations that went directly to WaterAid as sponsorship for the run. And the Government doubled that amount as part of the 'To be a Girl' campaign, so the school has been able to donate almost £6,000 to this fantastic appeal. 

In 2012-2013 our school charity was Stop the Traffik, a global coalition working together to help stop the sale of people, to see the traffickers prosecuted and to protect the victims of human trafficking. A year of fundraising activities culminated in £6,000 being raised in the school’s sponsored walk in September, held as part of the school’s birthday celebrations.



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