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All students are taught two lessons of Spanish per week in Key Stage 3. If they opt to take it at GCSE Level, they have three lessons per week and in Key Stage 5 they have 11 lessons in a fortnight. There is a gradual progression in learning; in Years 7, 8 and 9, the focus is mainly on learning basic vocabulary and grammar in order to communicate effectively on a series of different topics, including family life, free time activities or holidays. At GCSE level, students consolidate and expand their understanding of the language through the skills of listening, speaking, reading, translating and writing.

We use a variety of resources, which include articles from "El País" (Spain's main newspaper), poems and extracts of Spanish and Latinamerican literature, podcasts and video resources and online magazines; thus allowing students to cultivate an awareness of the variety and richness of both the Spanish and wider Hispanic world. By accessing mainstream media, students also begin to develop the skills necessary for accessing an A level in Spanish where the focus is primarily on literature (Federico Garcia Lorca and Laura Esquivel). Our aim is to make students more independent and confident users of the language  as well as to develop an understanding and sensitivity towards the Spanish and Hispanic world.

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