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Key Stage 4 

Exam Board: OCR 
Title: History A: Exploring the Modern World J410

Year 10 
In year 10 our course encourages students to develop knowledge and analytical skills whilst completing a period study and a non-British depth study.  The focus of the period study is on the unfolding narrative of international relations from 1918–2001. Learners will study the substantial developments and issues associated with this period, in order to understand the forces and events which shaped the 20th and early 21st century world.  The non-British depth study, Germany 1925-55: The people and the state, focuses on a substantial and coherent short time span and require learners to understand the complexity of a society or historical situation and the interplay of different aspects within it.  

Year 11
In year 11 the focus of Historical investigation includes a thematic study, a British depth study and a historical environment.  This thematic study focuses on patterns of change and continuity in Migration to Britain over a long period of British history, c.1000–c.2010.  This depth study focuses on England and then Britain in a period which saw the early stages of its expansion towards becoming a global power through colonisation, maritime trade and mercantile capitalism.  The study of the historic environment should focus on one particular site in its historical context. Learners study should examine the relationship between a place and historical events and developments. 

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