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Key Stage 3

Across Key Stage 3, pupils should:

1) Increase their historical knowledge and understanding
2) Develop a sense of period
3) Begin to understand why events occur and what can happen as a result
4) Realise that although some things change, others remain the same
5) Consider how and why historical significance and interpretations change over time
6) Develop their research skills and learn to look at sources of evidence critically
7) Structure and communicate their ideas effectively.
Pupils will also improve their essay writing and research skills.

Year 7
During Year 7 pupils study the medieval period and the Renaissance. Pupils are also encouraged to reflect on how the discipline of history works.
Aspects of medieval Britain include the Norman Conquest, the Black Death, the Medieval Church, Magna Carta, and the problems faced by the monarchs of this period. We address questions such as what the Renaissance was, why it happened and what the consequences were for Europe.

Year 8
During Year 8 the early modern period is studied. As part of the course, pupils will evaluate who the most successful Tudor monarch was. They will also consider the shifting balance of power between king and parliament in the 17th century, as well as looking at the British civil wars, the Interregnum and the Restoration of the monarchy. Pupils conclude by assessing the role of the individual in 17th and 18th century science
and medicine.

Year 9
During Year 9 two content areas are studied: Britain 1750-1900 and the Twentieth Century World. Much of the material studied constitutes knowledge essential to understanding the modern world today. As part of this course a number of key questions will be considered such as: Why was Britain the first industrial nation? What were working conditions like? Was 1750-1900 a period of political progress? Why and how was Britain involved in the slave trade and how did it come to an end? How has the British Empire been interpreted? What were the causes of the outbreak of the First World War? What were the key turning points in the Second World War? How and why did the Holocaust happen?

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