An academy since September 2012

The school became an academy in September 2012. To facilitate this, an Academy Trust company was established. Lady Margaret School is registered at Companies House as a charitable company and limited by guarantee, Company No: 08156535 with registered offices at 9-15 Parsons Green, London SW6 4UN.

A company limited by guarantee has both members (akin to shareholders, but without the distribution of profits) and governors (the equivalent of directors)

The members of the Academy Trust are: -  London Diocesan Board for Schools -  The Bishop of Kensington -  The Lady Margaret School Foundation -  Chair of Governors

The Governors (Governing Body) manages the school on behalf of the academy trust and its key responsibilities are to:

-  Ensure the quality of educational provision
-  Challenge and monitor the performance of the school
-  Manage the Academy Trust’s finances and property
-  Exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out their duties
-  Ensure that the Academy Trust complies with charity and company law
-  Operate the academy in accordance with the Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State.

The Governing Body monitors the implementation of policies through a sub-committee structure dealing with admissions, appointments, appeals, staff, curriculum, the development plan and Building on Success.

Like all academies, the school has the Department of Education, acting through the Education Funding Agency (EFA) as its principal regulator.

Members of the Academy Trust nominate the 11 Foundation Governors. Members of staff elect the three Staff Governors. Parents elect the three Parent Governors. The Local Education Authority (LEA) nominated our two Local Community Governors when we were a Voluntary Aided School before September 2012. The Headteacher is a Governor ex-officio. Governors are elected for four years. To contact the governors or put forward a candidate for the Governing Body, please contact the clerk, Wendy Gainham, at school or by email.

Foundation Governors
Mr Philip Bladen - Chair
Mr Justin Bairamian - Vice-Chair
Mrs Eleanor Allen
Mrs Lorraine Bewes
Mr William Hunter
Mr Nigel Parker
Mrs Sarah Peart - Deputy Vice-Chair
Reverend Penny Seabrook
Mr Paul Sloan
Mrs Nicola Thomson

Ms Elisabeth Stevenson

Local Community Governors 
Ms Jane Reed, CBE
Mr Richard Wormell

Parent Governors
Mrs Arabella MacIntyre
Dr Deirdre Osborne 
Mr Philip Thomas

Staff Governors
Miss Vithya Premkumar
Miss Charlotte Walton
Mrs Tania Weithers 

Mrs Wendy Gainham

Please click here to read the Governor Terms of Office and Categories.

Please click here to read Governors' Register of Interests.

Please click here to see the Governors' Attendance at meetings 2017-2018 document. 

Please click here to see the Governor Meetings Calendar for 2018-19.

Governors' Report and Financial Statements
You can read their report for the year ended 31 August 2017 here

You can read the Lady Margaret School Funding Agreement here

Governing Body Minutes 2017-18
Please click here to read the minutes of the meeting dated 5 October 2017.
Please click here to read the minutes of the meeting dated 8 November 2017.
Please click here to read the minutes of the meeting dated 13 December 2017.
Please click here to read the minutes of the meeting dated 14 March 2018.
Please click here to read the minutes of the meeting dates 11July 2018.


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