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All students have the opportunity to learn French, in addition to Spanish from Year 7 and continue doing so in Years 8 and 9. They are taught two lessons of French a week, increasing to three when they opt to carry on with this language, as one of their choices of GCSE. Students learn key phrases and expressions through songs, games, role-play and classroom routines. In addition to learning vocabulary and common expressions, our girls also are introduced to French culture and literature. 

Throughout KS3 and KS4, two homework assignments are set on a weekly basis; one learning activity and a more extensive piece of work, such as reading comprehension, a writing task or a grammar exercise. At GCSE level, students focus on increasing their vocabulary and their grammatical knowledge, while developing the ability to write extensive pieces of work and gain confidence in manipulating the language orally, as required by the examination board used - Edexcel. It is possible to study two languages and as such, we have had a number of dual linguists. 
At A level, our students have 11 lessons a fortnight, in addition to a weekly session with our French Language Assistant.  Literature and film are exciting features of the course. The film studied in Year 12 is Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles, with students then moving on to L’Étranger by Camus in Year 13.  
We offer trips to the theatre, conferences and to the cinema, also benefiting from the language events and French resources at L’Institut Français, which is in close proximity. Students can also apply to attend a biannual trip abroad to a region in France, or the Activities Week visits to Paris, in the summer term. For those who prefer to stay closer to home, there is the option of attending our French lunch club and experiencing the culture and language interactively. 


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