Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented

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Gifted and Talented

Girls at Lady Margaret are identified and celebrated for their various achievements and success in both academic and practical subjects.

Teachers identify these girls in particular subjects and focus on ways to extend their learning in lessons and beyond through various enrichment and extension work. Gifted and Talented girls are also encouraged to attend extra-curricular activities such as drama, debating, sports, Music and the extended project qualification.

Some of our existing G&T activities:
•  Last year the KS3 Gifted and Talented cohort were given the opportunity to enrich and extend their learning by visiting a number of museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Science Museum. The focus was on independent research, choice and team work

•  Talented athletes are identified and chosen to compete in the pentathlon at sports day

•  A number of KS3 girls attend Latin classes at St Paul’s School

•  A small group of Year 10 and Year 12 also attended an open day at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, to inspire them and give them an idea of life as a Cambridge student

•  In previous years, Lady Margaret School has run an enrichment day; including cross-curricular trips and activities across the year groups with a focus on extended learning outside the classroom setting.


This year Lady Margaret School will be participating in the BBC School News Report. The idea is that between now and the 10th of March, the girls will look at a range of reporting styles, topics and how to present these professionally. 
On Thursday 10th of March, the girls will be broadcasting their stories on a webpage which is directly linked to the BBC. 

This is a really exciting opportunity and is a chance for G&T Pupils at LMS to make their voices heard, it can support their learning across a range of subjects and offers opportunities to develop new skills.

Students that are taking part in this task will be publishing the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this link as a favourite; and return back to it on the 10th March 2016. 

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