Christian, caring and curious

As a school, we aim to give all our students a ‘goodly heritage’: an exceptional education, a wide range of opportunities and extra-curricular activities, and a chance to be part of and contribute to a strong community.

As a Church of England academy, we are rooted in our Christian faith, and reaching to everyone. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and our Christian values underpin how we work together as a community. 

We aim to offer a safe, inclusive, caring and intellectually demanding environment to enable all our students to benefit from an outstanding secondary education. To this end we will:

 - Help students to develop Wisdom: to develop lively and inquiring minds, to develop the ability to question and to articulate ideas rationally and clearly

 - Develop our students into curious and confident learners who are resilient and resourceful in their approach to education and to life

 - Ensure that our curriculum is both accessible and challenging for everyone, enabling each student to develop her best qualities in mind, body and spirit and help her to make excellent progress thereby fulfilling her potential 

 - Ensure that students are able to participate in a wide range of opportunities beyond the classroom, including clubs and trips, so that we broaden students’ horizons and open opportunities and pathways for all, giving students Hope and ambition for the future

 - Promote understanding of our social, economic and political context, both locally and globally, helping students to approach ‘big’ questions and problems with a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs and a commitment to both Justice and Friendship

 - Promote among our students an awareness of community and society and help them to show concern for the environment, to value God’s Creation

 - Promote knowledge and understanding of other cultures, religions and ways of life

 - Support the development of the well-being of every member of our community, helping each girl to develop a sense of self-respect  and self-worth in a school characterised by Trust, Compassion and Service to our community

Our Ethos
The ethos of the school is that of a caring and purposeful Christian community. Each member of the community is made aware of the high standards of behaviour and work which are expected. Staff and students are expected to show kind, respectful and tolerant attitudes to others both inside and outside the classroom. The school rules regarding issues such as uniform and homework are enforced and parents are expected to support the school in these areas.

As a Church of England school, we believe that worship is central to the daily life of the school. It affirms our identity and reinforces the Christian values of our school. The programme of Collective Worship within the school is planned and co-ordinated by our Chaplain to provide whole school worship on four days of the week and form-based or year group worship on one day of the week. Our worship reminds us of our beliefs and hopes, reinforces our corporate identity, provides a focal point which gives the community and the individuals in it an understanding of the shape, meaning and purpose of their lives. 

Students in all year groups are encouraged to contribute to the wider life of the school and to participate in or set up extra-curricular clubs and activities.

An Activities Week in the Summer term sees girls participate in visits and activities at home and abroad. The school has a sense of joy about it and we are very proud of our motto,

I have a goodly heritage.

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